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Meet Sharon Donaldson

Naturopath and Massage Therapist
BHSc (Comp Med) Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip Herbal Medicine

Born and educated in Mosgiel, Sharon was involved with Rhythmic Gymnastics for many years.  First as a gymnast, then coaching. She was often asked to 'give us a rub' when her gymnasts had aches and pains so Sharon formalised her natural touch with short courses through New Zealand College of Massage.

Sharon worked in the corporate world for many years before deciding to retrain and follow her passion for natural health management.  Sharon completed three years of study to gain her Bachelor of Health Science (Comp Med) degree in 2007.

Sharon established her business in Alexandra shortly after settling there in 2010.  

She currently works from either her home-based clinic in Letts Gully, or in town at Alexandra Chiropractic.

With over ten years of practice, Sharon has built a strong client base with most new clients, massage or naturopathic, coming from personal referrals.

Meet Sharon
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Why Naturopathy

Why Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a safe, effective, patient centered form of medicine, practiced widely throughout the world. Naturopathy is a holistic health care system – considering all the systems of the body when looking for the underlying causes of illness. As such, naturopaths evaluate all aspects of a person – mind and emotions, as well as the body – as all are believed to be important in returning a person to optimal health and wellness.  

Naturopathy covers many aspects of well-being. I am qualified to advise on herbal medicine, nutrition, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle adjustments, as well as recommending  essential oils and flower remedies. I also utilise massage and other bodywork to treat clients. 

By means of investigation, I may use a range of standard and functional tests, utilising urine, saliva, stool and hair samples as well as blood.


"The first wealth is health" 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Digestive Health
Love your gut_edited.jpg

Having a healthy digestive system is a key to overall good health.  There is so much research showing the connects between gut and mood and gut and skin that we now know that we are not just what we eat but how well we process our food is important also.

Fitness Ladies
Women's Health

Work, children, life, stress, they can all impact on the female hormones.  Hormonal fluctuations in turn impact your daily life. From PMS to perimenopause, pregnancy and post partum depletion our hormones keep fluctuating. 

These can be rebalanced to give you more even hormonal cycles and reduce the negative impacts of your life.


The pressures of daily life plus coping with a pandemic, fatigue is a real issue for many people. 

Simple lifestyle changes and supplements can help you recover your energy and vitality.

Mother and Baby
Weight Loss

Weight management can be a major issue that effects all part of your life. It can be a real struggle to get weight off or maintain your weight lose.  

Diet alone is often not enough, you need to have a holistic review of your health and lifestyle to understand what  else you

need to change.


Human touch is very powerful and each body needs to be treated with respect and understanding.  The techniques and pressure used is tailored to the person and how they present at their appointment.

The positive results and feedback I get from my massage clients is a delight. and a blessing.


Toxins are impossible to avoid - our environment, processed and packaged foods, skin care and cleaning products - they all impact and accumulate having a negative impact of your wellbeing. 

Detoxification programmes can be tailored to your need and lifestyle.

Stress and Mood
Stressed Man

Stress impacts us all.  We need some stress - but todays society just keeps loading it on us.  Often people don't realise just how much their life is impacted by mood swings: anxiety and depression, or adrenal fatigue.  Just coping with life can be hard but let me help you cope better here.


"I initially went so see Sharon as I was constantly exhausted, due to two pregnancies and breast feeding for close to 4 years straight.
She referred me to the doctor to get blood tests so she could see if there was any specific nutrient imbalances or deficiencies. There was nothing obviously wrong, but I knew I was not feeling 100%. Sharon was great! She listened and together we worked on a manageable solution with supplements and lifestyle changes. This has helped me bounce back to my pre-baby energy levels. She has also helped me implement some everyday practices to ensure I get some 'me' time in the chaos that comes with having two young children.
Sharon has also helped me work through further issues I have experienced of severe period pain, post partum.  Over time, with supplements and fueling my body with hormone loving foods I feel much better.
I continue to see Sharon when I feel I need some guidance or help with my wellbeing. I have  referred a number of friends and family to Sharon as I have had such positive results. "

My Services


Whether a therapeutic treatment, sport and injury related treatment,  or something more gentle and relaxing, Sharon will use her hands-on therapy skill and experience to meet your requirements.

Also trained in myofascial release therapy to bring about immediate relief of tightness and tension

Pick the duration appropriate form 30  minutes to 2 hour options.

Once we have established the sort of massage you need and any issues that need addressing, Sharon will use her many years of experience to select the appropriate techniques and pressure to ensure the right massage therapy for you..


Detailed information of your health history, lifestyle and diet are all investigated to help understand the things that have contributed to your health issues and concerns.  This information helps determine and shape your unique treatment plan.  Your plan may include supplements, herbal tinctures and lifestyle recommendations.

Choose your appointment type:-

Initial Consultation - around 1 hour to discuss your health issues and concerns. You receive a written report and treatment plan after your consultation.


Acute Consultation - around 45 minutes when dealing with one acute health condition.  This often works well for children consultations.


Just like a standard naturopathic consultation but done on line.

We connect via a web based video call that has been set up at a time to suit.

This can be great way to save travel time and especially good for naturopathic follow up appointments to keep in touch and review your progress.


Individually mixed herbal medicine or tonic for your unique requirements. 

Harness the power of nature to assist your body to overcome balances and nourish your systems. Fast acting and effective.

A mixture may be prescribed as part of your treatment plan or as an adjunct to a massage.

Your Pathway to Improving Your Health Starts Here

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Contact Info


027 471 7004

304 Letts Gully Road, Alexandra, 9393

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